If You’re Into Fitness, There Is A Certain Massage Just For You…..

sports-massage-naples-fl-reflexology-floridaDid you know many professional athletes continually get a certain massage to prevent and avoid injury?

This certain type of massage is called Sports Massage. Not all massage therapists practice this specific massage technique, but those who possess the skill can be very beneficial to you.

Working out and playing sports is absolutely worth every minute of it to your health and well being. But, what happens when you injure yourself? NO MORE WORKOUT!

Sports massage is designed to prevent common injuries such as sprains and muscle strains. This is why professional athletes are able to withstand such long and grueling seasons. However, sports massage is for everyone, and can benefit even novice exercise buffs.

Find out more about Sports massage CLICK HERE, and see how you can prevent and even treat common injuries so you can have a healthy, more active, and joyful life.



Regular Massage Vs. Dr. Approved Massage Therapy

massage-therapy-naples-fl-massage-therapists-florida Relax W/ A Qualified Massage, By Doctor Qualified Massage Therapists!

Not many folks who have a total understanding of the functionality of the human body as Dr.’s do. This is the reason, when each person gets a massage from the licensed therapists at “The Massage Club Of Naples”, you’ll be stress free that your massage staff has been taught & selected by our Doctor.

Simply put, every one of the massage staff has been hand selected by the trusted Doctor Alex Krischanowski of Pine Ridge Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic. With a reputation like Dr. Alex, you can be sure that every single massage professional will be the most skilled, highly trained, -n- professional massage in the S.W. FL area.

Discover the many massage techniques “The Massage Club Of Naples” specialize in, just CLICK HERE -n- browse pricing, phone and email info, background, and staff.

Our Massage Naples Fl is located within the Pine Ridge Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic along w/ Doctor Alex K., and his staff.

Destress & Enjoy!